Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stop bickering....start acting...

That's what everyone is doing.. talk and talk..hey! where's the action! Don't they know action speaks louder than words. There are just so many issues in this world that we must put our differences away and start thinking of finding solutions to the problems that we have created. Who cares about who's right or wrong! Mankind has forgotten what humility means..

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009 and Maal Hijrah 1430

The ever famous phrase, "how times flies" really is significant during this time of year. One just realized how the year ended and a new year begins. We begin to wonder if all our resolutions have been fulfilled or even 'half' accomplished. Then we start asking ourselves where the time has gone and why so little was done to complete those wishful thinking items.

Why do humans go through the same journey, over and over again... we keep making the list, so sure of ourselves that we will fulfill them but yet we only managed to complete maybe the first 5 items in the list. So, maybe, this year I will decide not to make one. I'll take it one step at a time. Anyone care to join?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

In times of adversity

In times of adversity, people will start to tighten their belts, from eating at expensive restaurants or famous eatery, 'mamak' stalls will have to suffice
In times of adversity, organizations will start to exercise 'down-sizing', 'outsourcing' and 'eliminating'..(gulp!)
In times of adversity, government will introduce tax reduction, EPF reduction and petrol reduction...however, price of groceries and utility increase..
In times of adversity, economy slows down, resulting in low GDP and reduced market growth
In times of adversity, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer
In times of adversity, I spend than I save... huh?!!?!

It has been more than a year we opened SR Sg Buloh... we have been blessed to open another branch at The Mines coming 15/12/08. To all my relatives and friends. pls do come to our restaurant..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A time to reflect

tender years

a bundle of joy to the awaiting parents

how supple the baby skin, no teeth but cute all the same

fed, washed, tucked and treated like a King

no worries and no headaches


why can’t I be like the adult, able to make my own decision

no one to control and dictate

why can’t they just leave me alone, I need my space

how can I show my true potential, if you restrict my freedom

what should I care what the world is doing, as long as I am happy


Oh! I wish I was a teenager, the responsibility is too much

mouths to feed, debts to pay, work to complete

day and night and night and day .. work, work, work

I must climb the corporate ladder

golden age

when our eyes starts to squint

and the skin starts to sag and wrinkle.

the tummy swaying uncontrollably

only then we realize that old age has a creepy way of sneaking up on us..

where’s my youthful body, my health, my vision....

If only I can turn back the clock, be a baby all over again..

Is it too late to change? Is it too late to make a difference?


it’s too late now, the abled body no longer functions,

a lifeless corpse, waiting to be buried

no amount of money in the world can bring us back to life

…ashes to ashes, dust to dust.. It’s time to meet your creator....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Salam Aidilfitri

Hmmm... is it too late for me to wish everyone Salam Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin.. guess not... so, to all 'netters'.. Wishing all a merry Eid Aidilftri and Maaf Zahir Batin. I hope that everyone celebrated this joyous occasion with their loved ones and not forgetting with the unfortunate too. God will test us in the worst of time and in the best of time.. If we are poor, He wants to see if we can survive the hardship and if we're wealthy whether we will remember the less fortunate and donate some of our fortune to the needy.

It is ironic that human beings think of the Great Almighty only when they are in a dilemma or when they are faced with predicaments. They start to blame people around them..especially their loved ones and every being in the universe when things don't go the way they would have wanted. However, if they are blessed with happiness, success and prosperity would they thank God for bestowing them with such generosity? How many times have we said our thanks to Him for all the kindness that he has overwhelmed us since our birth until now. I am ashamed to admit that I am one of them. I blame everyone and not myself with the mishaps that befall me. I feel proud of my achievements and did not say my thanks to God for giving me such a wonderful life.

First and foremost, we should be very grateful if God has bestowed us with good eyesight, sound hearing, a pair of strong hands and feet, a sense of smell and touch. That alone should make us show our appreciation till we are 1000 years old!!! (if that's enuff!). And yet we complain we don't have enough money to buy things, whine that the boss is too dictatorial, we grumble when our children just do not want to listen to what we say and find fault with our significant other..

I just got a wake up call .. I'm 35 years old, always grouchy, grumpy and difficult. I rarely say thank you to the Almighty from all the things that I already possess but whine for all the things I wish I could have. I start to think to myself.. how much is enough? If I have 100k now, would I want another 100k more... if I own a bungalow, would I yearn for a mansion instead... if I have a Honda would I wish for a BMW? Human beings are born with an insatiable desire to want more, to need more, to love more, there's no end. Enough is never enough.

How long do I have to live like that... I have wasted 35 years of my life yearning for things I thought I should have. I forget that human can only plan but only God knows what's best for His servants. Oh! God, please forgive me... I have been so naive and gullible. Every day I pray to you God so that I can be the most humble and pious servant.... but I need help, I need the strength and will to face these challenges. I know God, the ultimate reward will be 'Heaven'.. and to be able to step foot in it.. of course you will test us and see if we are worthy enough.. Help me God... I plead to You as the Most Merciful and Most Forgiving...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Birthday Wishes!!!

Month of September is where most of our family members celebrate their birthdays... What can I say .. Virgoans are one of a kind...

2/9 - Siddiq
3/9 - Hasan
4/9 - Muhd
10/9 - Sweet ole' me
11/9 - First bro in-law
14/9 - First sis (K.Long as we fondly call her)
15/9 - Deanna
- Arry & Ana's wedding annivesary

Happy Birthday everyone and May Allah bless us and shower with His kindness always..

Friday, September 5, 2008

A time to repent

What better time to ask forgiveness if not during the month of Ramadhan. A month that promises a lot of 'pahala' if one takes the initiative to perform as much ibadah as possible... especially the last 10 days of Ramadhan. I for one, am really looking forward toward this month because it is a month where all Muslims perform the 3rd duty in the 5 pillars of Islam..and of course the Tarawikh prayer that is performed after the Isya' prayer.

Fasting, if taking it in context is not just abstaining from eating and drinking. It teaches its disciple to be patient, forgiving and be mindful from committing any sins. The eyes and ears too should be disciplined not to listen to corrupt words and see sinful things.